Monday, July 10, 2017

Black Hills Event is this weekend!

Here are the available launches for this event.

We can enter the park at 6 am and we will launch at 6:30 and begin fishing at that time. Please make sure you pay your launch fees to be on the water. It is $5 and there are envelopes at ramp 1 that allow you to put in your money and fill out the information for your vehicle. I would recommend having a pen on hand to fill out the form. I will be located at ramp 1 in the morning and will be there at 6 am.

I will be at the ramp 1 at 2:30 for anybody that needs to check in or submit photos, if you can't use the online system you need to be at that ramp at 2:30 in order to submit photos. The awards will be held at the largest pavilion, location will be added so everybody knows where to go. The cut off time to be at the pavilion is 3:30pm.

We will have our awards at Shelter J tomorrow after we are done fishing. Lines out is at 2:30pm and you need to be at the shelter at 3:30pm.


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