Upcoming Events for 2017

*****Pre-Registration for events******

Send the Entry fee and Big Bass fee (optional) via PayPal to Include your name, phone number, paypal email and state.


In Person Sign Up Starts: 6:00 am
Fish Check In : 2:30 pm (must be in line/submitted photos via live scoring by this time)

Each Event will include a FREE drawing for some great sponsor donated prizes at the awards gathering. Each participant will receive one free raffle ticket upon return to the awards location.

April 15th 
 Aquia Creek (Potomac River), VA

Willow Landing Marina
$5 Launch fee the day of the Tournament
Let them know you are there for the tournament

121 Willow Landing Road
Stafford, Virginia 22554

Aquia Landing Park
2846 Brooke Road
Stafford, VA 225554
(Opens at 8am)


May 13th 
Rocky Gorge Reservoir, MD 

Any Launch
Scott's Cove Launch (Check In) 
*Need reservoir pass prior to day of event*

10972 Harding Rd
Laurel, MD 20723
June 17th - postponed - make up date of August 27th
Occoquan Reservoir, VA

Allowed Launches:

1) Lake Ridge Marina

The Marina opens at 7 am.  We can get in there get rigged up and get out on the water.  Fishing and tourney starts at 7:30 and runs until 2:30.  Be back at the launch by 2:30 if you have any issues with using the online scoring system.  If not, then be back to the launch by 3:30 for check in and awards.

July 15th  
Black Hills (Seneca Lake), MD

Any of these three public launches

We can enter the park at 6 am and we will launch at 6:30 and begin fishing at that time.  Please make sure you pay your launch fees to be on the water.  It is $5 and there are envelopes at ramp 1 that allow you to put in your money and fill out the information for your vehicle.  I would recommend having a pen on hand to fill out the form.  I will be located at ramp 1 in the morning and will be there at 6 am.  

I will be at the ramp 1 at 2:30 for anybody that needs to check in or submit photos and then the awards will be held at the largest pavilion, location will be added so everybody knows where to go.  The cut off time to be at the pavilion is 3:30pm. 

August 5th

Susquehanna River, PA 
*****Be sure to register your kayak and get a launch permit at*****

September 16th
Lake Redman, PA 

William Kane Park
274 Hess Farm Rd, York, PA 17407

Check In and Awards
Check in will be in the area of the launch

We will launch at 6:30 and start fishing at 6:45.  Lines out is at 2:30 and check in is at 3:30.  You must be back for check in by 3:30.  If you have issues with loading pictures you need to be back to the launch by 2:30 to submit them.

UPDATE:  The park will not be open for a 6:30 am launch, we will launch at 7 and start fishing right away. 
October 14th
Mattawoman Creek
Potomac River

Mattingly Avenue Park (check-in, formerly Slavens)
Smallwood Park
225 Bridge

Estimated launch time of 6:45 and start fishing at 7:00 am.

November 11th
Delaware Freshwater, DE 

Delaware Paddlesports (Check In/Awards) 
17296 Coastal Hwy
Lewes, DE 19958
Fish any Public Delaware Freshwater


  1. Who can I contact about the Shenandoah river tournament? I want to fish it but is it eligible for ppl that is not in the series?

    1. please email with any questions about the Shenandoah event.

  2. What's with the two address listed for the Aquia tourney? I get the one is the launch but is the second the weigh in?