AOTY Prizes

These are the 2017 Prizes and the 2018 Prizes are still in the process of being put together. 

The top 5 in 2017 AOTY points will qualify for the 2018 KBF National Championship

RepYourWater State Champ Prize Packs
Top finishers from the following states MD, VA, DE, PA, and WV will win a Rep Your Water "Hat Prize Pack" with some other goodies.

2017 Angler of the Year Prizes 

**(Subject to change)

1st Place : Power Pole Micro, Smallie Stix Rod, Angler of the Year Cash, Hoorag, TRC Rod Cover    2nd Place: Werner Cyprus Hooked Paddle, Ego SG1 Net, Hoorag, TRC Rod Cover
3rd Place:  K2 Coolers Summit Series 50 Qt Cooler, Hoorag, TRC Rod Cover            
4th Place:  Smith Sunglasses Certificate, Hoorag, TRC Rod Cover  
5th Place:  K2 Coolers Summit Series 30 qt Cooler, Hoorag, TRC Rod Cover
6th Place:  Astral Ronnie Fisher, Hoorag, TRC Rod Cover
7th Place:  Manley Rod, Hoorag, TRC Rod Cover
8th Place:  Astral Ronny, Ego Gripper Tool, Hoorag, TRC Rod Cover
9th Place:  Ego SG1 Net, Bernie's River Stick Gift Card, Hoorag, TRC Rod Cover
10th Place: Ego Gripper Tool, Bernie's River Stick Gift Card, Hoorag, TRC Rod Cover

2017 Rookie of the Year

1st Place: Werner Shuna Hooked, YakAttack Anchor Trolley
2nd Place: Smith Sunglasses Certificate, Bernie's River Stick Gift Card
3rd Place: Manley Rod
4th Place: Ego SG2 Net 

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