Sunday, November 15, 2015

2015 MAKBF Final Results

Final Event Standings

1st Place: Louis Martinez 53.25" - $330, Power-Pole Micro Anchor System, YakAttack Prize Pack
2nd Place: Aaron White 52" - $198, Farm to Feet "Sock Drawer Makeover"
3rd Place: Danny Schanne 49.25" 
- $132, Smallie Stix Rod
4th Place: Chris Rios 48.5" - Astral Kayak Shoes,
5th Place: Noah Tomasik 48" - $50 Butter It Baits Gift Card

6th Place :Julie Tomasik 48" - PowerTeam Lures Kit
7th Place: Jedediah Plunkert 46.5" - Bass Assassin Lures Prize Pack, Cablz Eyewear Retainers

Top 20 Angler of the Year

1. Jedediah Plunkert - 61*
2. CJ Espey - 51+
3. Matt Eikenberg - 36*
4. Peter Manthos - 33*
5. Michael Chaney - 32+
6. Matt Campbell - 28*
7. Josh Evans - 23*
8. Matt Yuschak - 23*
9. Dave Adlington - 21*
10. Joe Deisvaldi - 21*
11. Chris Watts - 21+
12. Jeff Little - 21@
13. Dave Thompson - 14*
14. Shane Clift - 11*
15. Louis Martinez - 10
16. Danny Schanne - 10
17. Aaron White - 9
18. Jeremy Savage - 9
19. Alberto Tabian - 9
20. AJ Morton - 9

*Qualified for KBF National Championship
+Previously Qualified for KBF National Championship
@Passed on qualification to next angler

Biggest Largemouth Bass: Danny Schanne - 21.5" (Backyard Custom Rod)
Biggest Smallmouth Bass: CJ Espey - 20.75" (Smallie Stix Rod) 
Top Female Angler: Racquel Marino 18.5" Largemouth (Astral Kayak Shoes)
Top MSSA Member: Matt Campbell - ($500)

Top CCA Member: CJ Espey - (Yeti Cooler)

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Championship November 14th Prizes

Event is open to all kayak anglers. No previous participation necessary. 

Full day of fishing followed by awards party at Delaware Paddlesports (17296 Coastal Hwy, Lewes, Delaware 19958) with food and an appearance by the Heroes on the Water trailer!!!

Entry fee -$30 (includes food at awards and free pair of Farm to Feet Fishing Socks)
Big bass -$10 (100% Payout) plus $150 gift card from Delaware Paddlesports 

Event Prizes:

1st Place: 50% Cash, Power-Pole Micro Anchor System, YakAttack Prize Pack
2nd Place: 30% Cash, Farm to Feet "Sock Drawer Makeover"
3rd Place: 20% Cash, Smallie Stix Rod
4th Place: Astral Kayak Shoes,
5th Place: $50 Butter It Baits Gift Card

6th Place :PowerTeam Lures Kit
7th Place: Bass Assassin Lures Prize Pack, Cablz Eyewear Retainers

Check In will start at 5:30am in the Delaware Paddlesports Kayak Fishing parking lot or you can pre-register via Paypal starting November 1st.

Fishing Time - 7am- 2:30pm (Any Public Freshwater in Delaware)

Awards will start at 3:30pm at Delaware Paddlesports. All Angler of the Year prizes will be awarded, Check in to receive your captains bag, raffle ticket for some extra prizes, and food ticket.

Live scoring will be used via

Register Here

Remember our events raise money for Heroes on the Water - George Washington Chapter and Heroes On The Water - Maryland Chapter

Updated AOTY Standings

One more event for the top two to duke it out for the Title!

2015 Standings

1. Jedediah Plunkert - 61 
2. CJ Espey - 51 
3. Matt Eikenberg - 36 
4. Peter Manthos - 33 
5. Mike Chaney - 32
6. Matt Campbell - 28
7. Matt Yuschak - 23
8. Joe Diesvaldi - 21
    Jeff Little - 21
    Josh Evans - 21
    Chris Watts - 21
12. Dave Adlingtion - 18
13. Dave Thompson - 14
14. Shane Clift - 11
15. Jeremy Savage - 9
     Alberto Tabian - 9
     AJ Morton - 9
18. Jacob Phillips - 8
      Jeff Singleton - 8
      Dave Baden - 8
      Bear Wenzel - 8
22. Sean Colefack - 7
      Jeffrey Rabbit - 7
      Chris Burke - 7
      Patrick Sprankle - 7
26. Matt James - 6
27. Andrew Gaiser - 5
      Zach Moore - 5
29. Brian Rigg - 4
30. Jim Dutt - 3
      Matthew Chapman - 3
32. Mike Soudee - 2
      Alex Rodgers - 2
      Bill Harrington - 2
35. Bill Ragulsky - 1
      William Duboraw -1

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Event #9 - Shenandoah River Information

Allowed Launches - Any Public Launch on the Shenandoah River

Check-In Location and Awards -

Cattleman's Ferry Boat Ramp under Rt. 7 Bridge
River Rd
Bluemont, VA 20135

Check-In Time: 5:30am (or Pre-register via Paypal -

Awards: 3:15pm (Please plan according with your launch location and ferrying vehicles to be back at Castleman's Ferry 3:15pm) There will be a raffle for a Power Team Lures Kit.

Look forward to some more great fishing!!! This will most likely be your last opportunity to catch a Smallie larger than 20.75" to win the Smallie Stix Custom Rod!!

Monday, August 31, 2015

Everyone welcome Farm To Feet​ as our newest sponsor!!! Go like their page, check out their products, and treat yourself to sock heaven.

Everyone who comes and participates at the Finale in Delaware will receive a free pair of Farm to Feet's water sock.

They will also be donating two "Sock Drawer Makeovers". This will allow the lucky winner to pick out 10 pairs of socks to revamp your Sock Game!!!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Lake Marburg Results 8/15

1st- Matt Eikenberg 45.5" (Big Bass 19.25") - $200 Cash, $100 Cabela's Hamburg, PA Gift Card, Devil's Backbone Prize Pack, Yak Attack Prize Pack

2nd- CJ Espey 35.5" $78 Cash, $50 Butter-It Custom Baits Gift Card
3rd- Jed Plunkert 29.5" $52 Cash
4th- Jeff Little 27.75" Bass Assassin Prize Pack
5th- Matt Campbell 25.5" Cablz Eyewear Retainer
6th - Peter Manthos 18"
7th- Matt Yuschak 14.5"(Lucky #7 Winner - Yak Attack Black Pack)
8th- Patrick Sprankle 14"
9th- Matt James 13.25"

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Lake Marburg Event

Facebook Event - Lake Marburg

Follow the link above for more details about this coming weekends event!!

Check in and awards location

Walmart Supercenter
Hanover, PA

Monday, August 3, 2015

Recent Results

July Online Event

1st- Matt Yuschak - 64.75" ($510)
2nd- Alberto Tabian - 62.75" ($255)
3rd- Jeff Little - 62.5" ($153)
4th - Jeffrey Rabbitt - 62" ($71)
5th - Dave Thompson - 59.5" ($31)
6th - Jedediah Plunkert - 59.5"
7th- David Baden - 59.25"
8th- Chris Watts - 59.25"
9th - Bill Harrington - 58.25"
10th - CJ Espey -57.5"

Big Bass - Matt Yuschak 22.5" ($230)

August 1st - Point of Rocks Event

1st - Joe Diesvaldi - 47" ($210) Yak Attack Prize Pack + Devils Backbone Prize Pack
2nd - Matt Eikenberg - 43.75" ($126) $50 Butter It Custom Baits Gift Card
3rd -  Peter Manthos - 42.75" ($84)
4th - Chris Watts - 41.75"
5th - Jedediah Plunkert - 40.5" (Big Bass 18.75"- $105)
6th - Michael Chaney - 39.25"
7th - Matt James - 38"
8th - Josh Evans - 37"
9th - Matt Campbell - 37"
10th - CJ Espey - 35.75"

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Point of Rocks Event Rescheduled

August 1st  (Rescheduled)
Point of Rocks, MD 
Big Bass Sponsor - PowerTeam Lures
Point of Rocks Ramp (Check In)
Canal Rd
 Point of Rocks, MD 21777
(Any Launch North, must float in to check in)
1st Place - Devils Backbone Brewing Co. Prize Package

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

JULY Event Info

No membership necessary.. All kayak anglers in the mid Atlantic are welcome. Fish entered can also be caught while participating in other tournaments during the month of July. 

This will be an month long online event. Anglers will receive a specific identifier on ASAP after entry is received and fishing will be allowed July 1st-July 31st, any time of day/night. Fishing will be allowed only in the Mid Atlantic states including; Maryland, D.C, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. 

This event is for the total length of 3 Black Bass (largemouth/smallmouth). This is kayaks, paddle boards, and canoes only and you must use the hawg trough measuring board. The live scoring system will be used for the month long event. Please mark the lines on your hang trough board.

Entry fee will be $25 and a separate $5 Big Bass calcutta is available. Entry fees will be collected via Paypal ( When you send money add name, phone number, state and email in the comment section. Also select friends and family to avoid fees. Must be entered and paid prior to Receiving ID. You can register at any point during the month for the same fee, your fish will not count without the tournament ID.

A portion of the Entry Fees will be collected for the Heroes on the Water - George Washington Chapter.

All fish photo rules apply. Click the link above to read the rules.

Friday, June 26, 2015


Tomorrow's event at point of rocks has been postponed to a TBD date (most likely in July) due to forecast for severe thunderstorms and a flash flood watch in Frederick, MD. The new date will be released ASAP. 

Be sure to get registered for the July month long online event. Sent entry fee to via PayPal. Be sure to select friends and family to avoid the fee. 

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Event 4 Results

31 anglers Total

1st Place-Jedediah Plunkert (53") - $300, YakAttack Visicarbon Pro, Boonedox T-Bone Hitch Extender
2nd Place- CJ Espey (49.75") - $180 and $50 Butter It Baits
3rd Place- Peter Manthos (47.25") - $120 and Devils Backbone Brewing Prize Pack
4th Place- Dave Thompson (46.75")
5th Place- Jeff Little (46.5")
6th Place- Andrew Gaiser (46.25")
7th Place - Brain Rigg (46")
8th Place- Dave Baden (30.75")
9th Place- Michael Soudee (29.75")
10th Place- Michael Chaney (23")

Big Bass - Jedediah Plunkert 18.75" - $155 and Hard Head Custom Baits Prize Pack
Biggest Non-Bass - Peter Manthos - Powerteam Lures kit

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Event #2 Info

We are bummed we had to push the event back due to the closure of Rocky Gorge by the WESC. But all will go on the the event will be held April 11th.

Sign Up and Awards Location:

Rocky Gorge Launch
Supplee Lane
Laurel, MD 20707

Anglers are allowed to fish at Rocky Gorge Reservoir and Little Seneca Lake, in order to accomodate those anglers that would like to participate in both our MAKBF event and the Delaware Paddle Sports Event at Little Seneca Lake.

Awards will start at 3:30pm, also to allow those fishing at Little Seneca Lake to travel back to Rocky Gorge.

We hope to see you there, it is warming up here in Maryland and the fish are starting to EAT!!!

Remember to sign up to become a MSSA and CCA member in order to have a chance at winning some awesome kicker prizes at the end of the year.

Prizes for event #2

1st Place - 50% Cash, Devils Backbone Brewery Prize Pack, Boonedox USA T-Bone Trailer Hitch Extender

2nd Place - 30% Cash, $50 Butter-It Custom Baits Gift Certificate

3rd Place - 20% Cash

4th Place - Bass Assassin Prize Package

5th Place - Cablz Eyewear Retainer

Big Bass - 100% Cash and Gift Certificate to Bust Em Baits

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Lake Anna Event - Check In and Launch Information

The news everyone has been waiting for......

Sign In Location: (starts 6am sharp)

Anna Point Marina
13721 Anna Point Lane 
Mineral, VA 23117

Check In/Awards Location: (Must be in line by 2:30pm) *live scoring app is in production*

Anna Point Marina
13721 Anna Point Lane 
Mineral, VA 23117

Launches: (push off time 7am)

Cold Side: Any Public Launch

Warm Side: 3 allowed launches

590 Lakeview Dr.
Mineral, VA 23117

96 Sandy Point Dr.
Bumpass, VA 23024

3611 Moody Town Rd 
Bumpass, VA 23024

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Lake Anna - Event Information

We look forward to having everyone there and it should be some fun fishing for February!! Remember even if you don't win or catch the biggest fish.... New this year.... you will still have a chance to not go home empty handed.

Also, remember you must have a Hawg Trough style measuring board!!! This is the only acceptable device for the entire series. Any other device will result in entries being disqualified.
Also, don't forget to become a member of both the Coastal Conservation Association of MD and Maryland Saltwater Sportsman Association. They are both offering an excellent prize for their member that finishes the highest in the Angler of the Year race. ***We're talking CA$H and COOLERS***

Finally, we hope to have live scoring up and running by the first event. This will allow you to take the photo of your catch on your phone and immediately submit it via an APP. More details to come soon!!

LIVE SCORING!!! Your Families can watch you from home!!