Thursday, May 11, 2017

Rocky Gorge Event 5/13/17

Check in will be at the Scott's Cove Ramp.  Matt Campbell will be there in the morning and again the last hour or so of the tournament day through the finish of the awards.  

Allowed Launches - At this point in time we are allowed to use the Supplee Launch and Scott's Cove launch.  Scott's Cove is only open to carry on and you can not use the full extent of the ramp.  Brown's Bridge is closed and will not be an allowed launch.  

Please see the map below, for the location of these launches.  

Rocky Gorge Reservoir Map

Make sure you have your watershed permit for the day.   This is $6 for the day and you need to make sure you have it.  Last year the fine was $150 if they caught you on the water without it and they checked regularly.  There is also an app you can download and utilize.

Daily Permit for WSSC and Rocky Gorge

Entry Fee
$25 (pay the day of each event via cash) ($30 at Finale)
$5 Optional Big Bass Calcutta ($10 at Finale)

Please make sure you are registered for the online scoring even if you are paying the morning of the event. 

If there are any questions please reach out to us at