Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Online Rockfish Challenge for October

Last minute Online Challenge for the month of October (the challenge is organized by the Mid-Atlantic Kayak Bass Fishing Series)

October Rockfish Challenge 

Dates: 10/4 - 10/31

Total Length of 2 Rockfish

$20 Entry Fee paid via PayPal (makbfseries@gmail.com) 

An identifier will be emailed to you 10/3 or after you register.

80% Payout
Pay 1 finisher for every 10 participants (For Example: 30 Participants = Payout Top 3)

1= full 80%
2= 60%, 20%
3= 50%, 20%, 10%
4= 50%, 20%, 5%, 5%


CPR Format 
1. Each fish photo MUST include ALL of the following criteria:
a. The whole fish, tip to tail (tail laying naturally on measuring device, No pinch)
b. Laying with the mouth closed and tip of the lip at beginning of ruler i. Fish MUST be left side UP.
c. Measurement markings must be clearly visible
d. Assigned unique identifier must be visible

Any Standardized Measuring Device (Nothing Home Made)
Fish from Land or Kayak
Any waterway in Mid Atlantic Region (MD, VA, DE, DC, PA)

Enter Catch Photos to makbfseries@gmail.com with your name and "Rockfish Challenge"
Standings will be updated at the least weekly

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